Our teams are working on preparing the post-lockdown in our workshops and to resume the shop online in a few days. We thank you for your understanding and valuable support.

Recipe n°03 – Coffee Ice-cream

This coffee ice-Cream 🍨 recipe with a vegan twist is a game of memory appealing all of the senses in order to reproduce a delicious dessert eaten once during a journey in Messina (Sicily).

Recipe n°02 – French Baguette

There is no French meal without the iconic “baguette” 🥖, the essential bread in France which comes along almost every dish. You only need 4 simple ingredients to make a crusty baguette and it is quite easy if you follow carefully every step.

Recipe n°01 – Orchard Smoothie

This simple smoothie recipe is easy to make, it is pure veg and it helps to maintain a healthy weight…so enjoy cookin...
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