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RED HALO is pleased to share his favorites, distinguished artists, brillant human beings or people gifted to embellish life and make the world a better place.

Through inspirational conversations and interviews with some of them who have specially opened their heart with passion, we invite you to plunge into their unique universe, explore their work and understand their creative process.

In a charming and quiet little village located in the French country side, a Parisian lady left the Capital of Fashion and has settled her own workshop where she is making with passion stunning pottery objects in a contemporary style with a strong Japanese influence and a touch of French spirit of the 50’s...Meet Nadine Dagan Masson.

Red Halo: Tell us a little about yourself (where are you from, where did you grow up) and about your background? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: I am French of Polish and Moroccan descents and I grew up in Paris. I had several jobs where I could meet many people which I enjoyed a lot as each meeting was like a gift. I studied Art at La Sorbonne university in Paris. Later with my husband, we decided to leave Paris and shift to the country side where I decided to learn and eventually to become a professional potter.

Red Halo: Why did you decide to become a potter was it something you always wanted to do or did it come by chance? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: When I was a teenager I loved to have clay everywhere on the hands, arms or my clothes, I was only shaping it and I remember mixing glazed to get some unexpected finishing.Then one day I found in my Parisian neighbourhood a new ceramic studio where I began to learn how to throw pots and I became completely addicted.

Red Halo: How did you learn your craft ? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: When we decided to move in our little village I began to study professionally to throw and to learn how to search for glaze recipes.

Red Halo: Where and how do you work ? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: I use the old barn of my house made into a ceramic studio where I work every day sometimes half day or all day long. I lead workshops and I teach pottery lessons as well. It is a huge studio of fifty square meters with high ceilings and a beautiful view over the mountains and the garden. There is a guest house to welcome my visitors and students near the studio.

Red Halo: What techniques and styles inspire you ? What are your biggest influences? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: I’m mostly inspired by the Japanese style. In 2015 I went to Japan specifically in the south of the country where there are annual pottery markets and many ceramic studios. It was like a dream as since my twenties I wanted to visit this part of the world. I wish to be able to go back and visit more places there. I'm also inspired by french potters from the fifties and by contemporary pottery. I like simple shapes.

Red Halo: Tell us about your collections, what kind of items do you make, do you work according a central theme/topic or do you prefer to explore different ones each season? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: I mostly make pottery, like tableware and some decorative items as well such as vases, candlesticks, hanging pots, etc … I like to change the glazes each season and I always search for new shapes.

Red Halo: What are your favourite ranges of colours ? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: My favourite ranges of colours are green, blue and white.

Red Halo:What is your creative process, do you draw your items or you improvise while making them ? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: Usually I have the shape I want in mind although I search by drawing my items as well.

Red Halo: Is there an artwork here you are most proud of? Why? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: In fact, I prefer to throw large items more than small ones. I enjoy this primitive way which allows me to feel the clay better.

Red Halo: What do you like about your work? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: I work alone, in a peaceful and zen ambiance. During summer I keep the door to the garden opened and hear the birds singing. It is like taï chi to me. I love to create new items and to improvise. I also like to meet people and make them happy while providing pottery lessons.

Red Halo: What kind of music do you listen while working? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: Before I used to listen some jazz, flamenco and singers but since I practice yoga, I prefer a quiet atmosphere without any music. 

Red Halo: You live in a peaceful village located in a beautiful part of France, when you are not working what do you enjoy to do ? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: When I'm not working I enjoy to walk around, do nothing near the pellet stove with my two cats buy my side. I also like to invite some friends for dinner or to pay them a visit, go to some good restaurants and walk in my village or other beautiful villages nearby from where I can enjoy the view.

Red Halo: Is there anything else you would like to mention? 

Nadine Dagan Masson: My potteries are made with love, a special ingredient.


Find Nadine Dagan Masson on the net:

• The shop online:  http://etsy.me/2mv8vEk

• Nadine’s websitewww.atelierceramiquendm.com

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadinedmceramics/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ndmceramics

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  • … et aussi de la salsa cubaine pendant tes cours !
    Depuis qu’on a découvert les cours de poterie de Nadine, on ne peut plus s’en passer. C’est notre plaisir et des moments de détente qu’on aime partager toutes les 4.
    Lulu, Fanny et Lisa

    Lisa Blanc

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